Haim Toledano (Toyga) – Profile Summary

Haim Toledano (Toyga) – Profile Summary

Haim Toledano is a financial advisor specializing in the capital market around the world, with his main areas of expertise being Capital Raising and the Bond Market. Over the past 30 years, he has gained extensive experience in many fields in the world of economics; he has given lectures at many reputable institutions, accompanied organizations and assisted in their establishment, as well as written opinion pieces and criticisms that resonated in the minds of many Israelis. He was later called a "Prophet of Rage", due to the harsh criticism he levelled at the Ministry of Finance in the early 2000s, in a crisis that led Israel to negative growth, for the first time in 50 years.

After many busy years of activity, nowadays, Haim concentrates his efforts on providing professional advice, in particular to organizations, and writing professional academic articles. In those articles, he researches and analyzes political and social processes, influencing financial mechanisms, and offers new interpretations and predictions for the future. Here is the place to point out that his predictions in the past turned out to be remarkably accurate! For example, he had predicted the collapses in the US stock market in 2000 and 2007 before they happened, and forecasted the Chinese stock market collapse in January 2016 along with the global economic crisis that occurred in 2008-2009.

Short Bio

Haim Toledano found his connection to the financial world through his undergraduate studies in management and economics. These studies were the opening shot for him in this field, and only a few months after completing his undergraduate degree – he went on with his master studies, which he completed with honours. Parallel to his studies, he worked as an economic commentator in television and radio programmes and gave lectures in the fields of economics and finance at several academic institutions.

The experience he gained during these years, along with the vast knowledge he acquired during his studies, made him a renowned expert, specializing in the analysis of economic and financial issues, and a financial advisor to medium and large businesses. As the years went by, he deepened his research into other economic areas, such as the tax liability applied to large organizations, foreign exchange and its impact on global markets, and last but not least – fundraising, public offerings, etc.

Over the past 20 years, Haim Toledano has advised dozens of global organizations, accompanying them in times of crisis – such as stock market crashes, but also in times of growth – where he has taken care of mentoring stakeholders to raise capital, achieving rapid and significant results. His years of activity and the reputation he gained made him a well-known and authoritative figure in the fields of the financial world.

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Haim Toledano and the Financial World

The financial arena in Israel has experienced quite a few significant dramatic moments, including economic crises, "bubbles" that shattered, international trade crises and other global events. That shook the Israeli economy, not sparing in the process many Israelis who always try to "walk between the drops".  Haim Toledano acted vigorously during these crises, trying as much as he could to advise senior government officials, as well as large and well-established organizations, which have a direct impact on the state's GNP and the tax fund.

In the past, he was also active in the Israeli Economic Association and helped promote the discourse on economic research in Israel and around the world, he also held lectures at the association's annual conferences in the empirical, applied and theoretical fields. With the establishment of the association's official journal, he became the editor – in – chief, ensuring the academic quality of the articles published in it. Toledano is no longer holds this position, but he still unofficially advises the journal's personnel and the acting editor-in-chief.

During his years of activity, he was asked several times about his connection to the financial world, and why his life work revolves around it. His response stayed constant in every interview during which this question was raised. "My favorite quote, which has accompanied me since childhood, is 'Be the change you would like to see in the world', this quote belongs to Mahatma Gandhi – one of the most influential and revered figures, from my point of view. I believe in people, I believe in change, I think things can be done differently. I have seen hundreds of businesses rise and fall in a short time, and thousands of people falling into debt due to mismanagement, so I set myself the goal of being the change – being the one who outlines the right path, the one who shows the possibilities."

.Toyga Media Ltd

Toyga Media Ltd. is a company that specializes in providing financial products and services in the fields of commodities, currencies, and online marketing. Alongside the services mentioned above, Toyga Media Ltd. also offers online customer support and support for projects that incorporate new technologies in the financial sector. The company's customers are mainly global financial organizations (medium and large-sized,) which benefit from the experience and insights of Toyga Media Ltd., and have been working with it for many years, in Israel and worldwide.

Toyga Media Ltd. was founded in 2008, and since then has grown in volume and number of its employees. Nowadays, the company employs several hundred employees, spread across several affiliates in Israel, including Tel Aviv and Haifa. The company prides herself on the work conditions offered to its current employees, as well as the career opportunities it provides to its new recruitees.

Visit the official site: https://www.toyga.co.il/

Among other things, the company hosts day trips, company parties, Happy Hour activities, and pampering food buffets that are held on the terrace for the benefit of employees from time to time. The Toyga Media Ltd. management is well aware that the future of the company lies in the hands of its employees, and it works hard to provide a continuous workplace experience so that alongside hard and challenging work there is an appropriate and worthy reward. This concept serves well all parties involved, and as evidence thereof, one can witness the company's success during its years of operation.

The recruitment process has not been neglected either. As part of it, Toyga Media Ltd. also offers a variety of career opportunities for new employees, where they can find a quality and inviting place to develop a professional and well-established career. Among the variety of positions offered, one can discover leading positions in Marketing and Sales, Research and Development, Finance, Business Development, Human Resources etc. The vacancies are displayed on the company's website and are available to anyone looking to develop a stable career, provided that the criteria of the job are fully met.

The secret of Toiga's success

In recent years, the company has grown significantly, thanks to the expansion of the Hexagon division – the technological arm of Toyga Media Ltd., which employs over 25 programmers, developers, and product managers. The company's emphasis on increasing resources for this division stems from the recognition of the yearly growing business demands. The expansion of the division has significantly contributed to the company's growth and profitability, but this is not the main reason for its success.

The secret to the success of Toyga Media Ltd. lies in its successful recruitments. The company's leaders decided to provide their new employees with a full training course, which includes in-depth preparation, as well as a variety of extracurricular classes provided to employees and financed by the company. The orderly and professional training, along with significant added value to the employees and working conditions from the best in the market – created a pool of diligent and loyal employees. They form the backbone of the company and lead it to the successes it has achieved over its years of operation.

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